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CNC Drilling and CNC Threading in Paso Robles, California

Apache Machine and Tool Incorporated in Paso Robles, California, specializes in CNC drilling and CNC threading. Along with drilling and threading, our machine shop does grooving and pocket milling on the CNC lathe, as well as on the mill. These services help to make punch and dies for your printing needs.

Punch & Die Construction

Our machine shop makes perforating slitters wheels, as well as corner cut dies and punches. We also make oval punches and dies, as well as collator slitters.

Quality Service for You

Most of our jobs take about four to six weeks, and sometimes we get them done in two weeks. We specialize in quality tool steels that is high-quality material and durable. When you contact us for our services, we make sure to spend the additional time and money necessary to create a quality wheel as well as a quality punch and die.

How We Are Different

Our company is one of the few companies that still make consumable items like punch and dies for printing and packaging companies. Our company is able to make any type of punch and die or slitter wheel that you are looking for

CNC Machine Operator

Contact us to learn more about the CNC turning and milling that we do to make punch and dies.